They should see this.

The reason I am writing this is to share information and not only by sharing in social media but to write about it, to think about it and to talk about it.

The most important part of this short text is here. It is a video of animal abuse or in other words – everyday life of milloins of sentient beings. Today this farm is closed and we don’t know exactly but I’d like to believe that thanks to this video.

I am not sure when the first undercover investigation of animal industry took place but probably in the seventies. It means that there are hundreds of pictures and videos out there, taken by activists who took a personal risk. The idea of taking new pictures is still the same – activists want people to see what is going on in animal industries with pigs, cows, hens, rabbits, etc etc. “They should see it, we wanted to show to people”, were first words told in the meeting hold by Animal Justice Academy – “Members of Porgreg12 on the Trial Verdict”.

These members are 11 animal rights activists who filmed the inside of a pig farm in Quebec. For most of them it was the first attempt of civil disobidience. They refused to leave, occupying the building in hopes their demands will be met. Instead the police arrested them. And they were found guilty of break and enter and guilty of obstruction.

There are hundreds of reasons why people haven’t seen these investigations or better to say; why they haven’t looked. No matter what, violence can’t be justified, so – to punish people who show us one very violent side of humanity, is totally wrong.

Read more from their Facebook page.

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